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Danube River Police in Straubing

The authorities of the hydraulic engineering authorities were or are called the river police (partly: river police). You were responsible for a. after the Prussian or Saxon law, the state administration, but especially ( lanes legally ) the maintenance of shipping lanes. The term "Strompolizei" can already be proven in 1852 in a paper by Hugo von Bose.

The Reich and federal waterways are owned by the federal government (cf. Art. 89 Basic Law ). According to the Weimar Constitution (Articles 97 to 101 and 171 WRV), property was still linked to administrative tasks. Today the administration can be transferred from the federal government to a federal state ( Art. 85 GG). In modern terms, the river police, in the form of the authorities of the waterways and shipping administration, take the measures to avert danger in the area of ​​federal waterways in order to maintain the marketability of the waterway.

According to the Federal Waterways Act (WaStrG) of April 2, 1968, the river police belong to the area of ​​responsibility of the federal administration, insofar as federal waterways are concerned. According to § 24 WaStrG, the electricity police are differentiated from the port police.

At the level of the federal states, the river police are usually perceived as water control by the state water authorities.


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