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A tagline (from the English to tag for “to attach” and line for “line”) describes a short text in the entertainment industry that is used to illustrate a thought or a dramatic effect. Taglines are used in marketing materials and advertising .

The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable dramatic phrase or phrase that mostly sums up the content of an audiovisual product , or reinforces the audience's memory of a product. Some taglines are successful enough to be included in popular culture . Consulting firms that specialize in creating taglines can be hired to create a tagline for a brand or product.

In advertising, taglines are a modern form of slogans , whereby the conceptual message is condensed into an easily memorable sentence. A more detailed and factual way of summarizing the content of a film or book is the log line .

A tagline with entry into popular culture is known, for example, from the Star Wars film series :

"May the Force be with you."

"May the force be with you!"

- IMDb

Taglines are used for marketing in various branches of the entertainment industry and are known in film, television, literature and computer games. Websites and other electronic media also use taglines.

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“Tagline” should not be confused with terms such as claim , slogan or headline .

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