Taimu Shan

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Taimu Shan
Taimu Mountains

Taimu Mountains

Highest peak Moxiao ( 1081  m )
location Fujian ( PR China )
Taimu Shan (Fujian)
Taimu Shan
Coordinates 27 ° 7 ′  N , 120 ° 11 ′  E Coordinates: 27 ° 7 ′  N , 120 ° 11 ′  E
surface 60 km²

The Taimu Mountains or Taimu Shan (太姥山, translation: great-grandmother mountain) is a mountain range in the independent city of Fuding in the Chinese independent city ​​of Ningde (Fujian Province).

It has an area of ​​60 km² and is surrounded on two sides by the sea. The mountain range consists of 54 peaks. The main peak Moxiao is 1081  m high.

According to a legend, the name of the mountain goes back to an old woman who grew orchids in the seclusion of the great emperor Yao . When she achieved immortality, she flew up to heaven.

Subdivision of the city of Ningde at the county level

In the Taimu Mountains are the Yuhu Straw Hall and the Xuanji Cave, where the philosopher Zhu Xi retired. Another cave is the Sanfuyao Dong; the cave where you have to bend down three times as it is so low.

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