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color code: # 483C32
Purple taupe
color code: # 504040
Medium taupe
color code: # 674c47
Pink taupe
color code: # 905D5D
Mauve taupe
color code: # 915F6D
Light taupe
color code: # B38B6D
Taupe gray
color code: # 8B8589
Taupe sand
color code: # 967117

Taupe is a gray, dark color with a tinge of brown .

Pantone - and RGB - hexadecimal system describe the color as a warm dark gray.

In the German-speaking world, the word is often pronounced in French [ toːp ], i.e. with a long o. However, the English variant [ toʊp ] is also used and, increasingly, a German pronunciation.

However, the term “taupe” is vague in its application. Various shades of color that tend towards gray-brown are given the addition "Taupe" or simply referred to as "Taupe". Such tones are widely used in fashion , interior design , industrial design, and graphics . But designers and artists also often disagree about what should be called “taupe”.

Concept history

The color name taupe is derived from the French noun taupe for mole , which in turn comes from the Latin talpa .

Originally the color only referred to the (average) color of the French mole. As with the colors pink or lavender , the term (in the case of taupe in the early 1940s) was expanded to include a wide range of different shades. Meanwhile, the different coat colors of the moles do not explain the entire color spectrum achieved in the 2010s.

Individual evidence

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