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The text pattern contributes to the contextual and thematic context of a text and thus refers to its linguistic coherence .

Text patterns arise from text-immanent, structural components ( topic and thematic development, text-internal and text-external references, among others). They follow a standardized, formal structure established by convention .



  • Name of the deceased, date of death, age
  • Predicate (for example, "passed away")
  • List of all mourners

This shows that text patterns are culturally dependent, as in France, for example, the names of the mourners often appear first before the name of the deceased.

Cooking recipe

  • Name of the recipe
  • ingredients
  • preparation

Scientific study / thesis

  • Construction according to the IMRAD scheme : I ntroduction, M ethods, R esults A nd D iscussion, (in German EMED format E ntroduction, M ETHODOLOGY, E esults, D iscussion)


  • Uniformity in dealing with topics with templates.

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