The Journal of the Polynesian Society

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The Journal of the Polynesian Society

description Magazine on Polynesian culture
language English
publishing company The Polynesian Society
First edition January 1892
Frequency of publication quarterly
editor Melinda S. Allen, Judith Huntsman
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Article archive Archives

The The Journal of the Polynesian Society (JPS) is a quarterly magazine of the Polynesian Society in New Zealand .


With the establishment of the Polynesian Society on January 8, 1892, the magazine was launched as an official periodical of the society. The first editors of the journal were the initiators and founding members of the society, Stephenson Percy Smith and Edward Robert Tregear . From 1925 Johannes Carl Andersen was co-editor of the journal alongside Elsdon Best .

In 2002, the Polynesian Society started a project together with the University of Auckland to digitize all issues of the magazine and make them available online. In 2009, the first 100 years were available in digital form.

Current issues and archive

The mode of publication has not changed since the magazine was first published. In addition to the print edition, the magazine has also been available in digital form (ISSN 2230-5955) for some time. Two years after the publication of an issue, the respective magazine can be obtained free of charge in digital form from the archive operated by the University of Auckland .

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