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The Polynesian Society is a non-profit organization in New Zealand that deals with the history, anthropology , ethnology , sociology , archeology and linguistics of the Māori and other ethnic groups of Oceania and is a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences. Together with the University of Auckland , she publishes the quarterly magazine The Journal of the Polynesian Society and other publications.


The Polynesian Society was founded in Wellington on January 8, 1892 and initially had 112 members. The initiator of the foundation was the ethnologist Stephenson Percy Smith , with him the politician and scholar Edward Robert Tregear , the priest TG Hammond and Bishop WL Williams participated in the foundation of the society. The interest in the work of the Polynesian Society was so great that by 1965 the society already had 1,300 members. From 1901 to 1925 the association was based in New Plymouth , before and after in Wellington. Today the organization is based in the Department of Māori Studies at the University of Auckland.


Well-known presidents in earlier days of society were (in alphabetical order):


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