Entertainment (construction)

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The term entertainment (very often: construction maintenance ) is understood in the construction industry to mean the so-called maintenance of usability. In principle, there is a difference between the costs of the pure construction ( investment costs) and the costs of maintenance ( maintenance costs) differentiated. The maintenance costs include, on the one hand, the regular maintenance and repair of structures and even the replacement of entire parts of the building (e.g. a roof replacement). On the other hand, maintenance also includes cleaning, the supply of electricity, water and gas to the building and winter maintenance. The costs of maintaining a structure are relatively higher than the pure construction costs due to the long-term useful life. In the case of plants, technical systems, etc., in contrast, one speaks only of maintenance .

Roads are permanently exposed to the weather with frost and rain. Without pruning, they will be overgrown by plants. In addition, the quality of the roadway suffers from driving on. They are therefore maintained and renewed at regular intervals as part of road maintenance .