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UseModWiki is a simple and small free wiki software that can be used without much training.

UseMod wikis usually use CamelCase to set references, but this is not mandatory.


UseMod does not need a database because it stores the articles in the form of text files, for example on the Apache HTTP server . Since no complicated configuration is necessary, UseMod is used especially for small wiki projects.

The software is written in Perl and there are a lot of patches to enable various additional functions.


UseMod has been around since 1999 and was written by Clifford Adams. It borrows from the AtisWiki by Marcus Denker and the CvWiki written by Peter Merel. The CvWiki stored text files in the CVS software , adding the “WayBackMode” feature (= display of the appearance of a page at a previous point in time). Usemod, on the other hand, realizes version management without CVS.

The last version 1.2.1 was released in December 2017. Above all, the syntax of UseMod and its patches and clones had a major influence on the development of other wikis. MediaWiki , for example, is syntactically very similar to UseMod, since Wikipedia also used UseMod in its early years.

The best-known wiki operated with UseMod is the MeatballWiki , which has had a strong influence on the development of UseMod software.

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