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Utuḫengal (also Utuchengal) was a Sumerian king of the fifth dynasty of Uruk .

Utuḫengal was in the period from 2119 to 2112 BC. BC ( middle chronology ) King of Uruk. He had several inscriptions made that represent sources for his time.

Utuḫengal came from the ruling family of Uruk. According to one of his inscriptions, which has come down to us in a copied version, he defeated the Gutaean king Tirigan and two generals or governors named Ur-Ninazu and Nabi-Enlil in a battle north of the remains of Akkad . Utuḫengal claimed the title of "King of the Four Regions", but did not exercise suzerainty over the entire Sumerian region. It is known that he mediated in a border dispute between the cities of Ur and Lagaš . In Ur he installed his general and brother Ur-Nammu as governor. This became his successor. It is unclear whether disputes preceded the succession to the throne.


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