Vernam cipher

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The Vernam cipher is the name of various encryption methods that go back to Gilbert Vernam . Originally, a method was patented by Vernam in 1918 in which a key stream bit by bit to a message added is.

The security of the process depends crucially on how the keystream is generated.

  • If the key is genuinely randomly generated, the process is also called a one-time pad . Since the one-time pad was co-developed by Vernam, it is also often referred to as the Vernam cipher. In terms of information theory, this procedure is secure .

Individual evidence

  1. Patent US1310719 : SECRET SIGNALING SYSTEM. Filed September 13, 1918 , published July 22, 1919 , applicant: AT&T , inventor: Gilbert S. Vernam (PDF at Google Patents ).


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