Dispatch advice

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The shipping notice ( English dispatch note ) is trading an Avis , with the delivery of goods by the supplier is announced.


The dispatch notice is often given together with an invoice prior to delivery . If the invoice is sent in good time so that it reaches the customer before the goods, it can also serve as a dispatch note. It announces a goods receipt at the customer and is issued by the supplier from the goods issue. The delivery note is sent together with the delivery, which , in contrast to the dispatch note , is an accompanying document .


Dispatch notices are often given for larger quantities or partial deliveries so that the customer has the opportunity to prepare for the delivery and to provide storage space . In addition to the supplier, they include the transport company commissioned , the date of the order , the description and quantity of the goods, the shipping route and the delivery date . Since the dispatch note is considered a business letter from the supplier, it must fulfill the imprint obligation (for example, sole traders in accordance with Section 37a of the German Commercial Code ).

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