Vertical double line

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The vertical double bar is a character with several meanings and is therefore coded in several places in the Unicode standard in order to e.g. B. to be able to assign different glyphs.

Unicode block Unicode number Characters
category Bidirectional class Official name description
General punctuation U + 2016 (8214) other punctuation other neutral sign DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE Double vertical line
Latin, extended-B U + 01C1 (449) ǁǁ other letter, syllable or ideogram from left to right LATIN LETTER LATERAL CLICK Latin letter alveolar lateral click , a character in the International Phonetic Alphabet ( IPA )
Combining diacritical marks for symbols U + 20E6 (8422) Marking without
extra width
Marking without
extra width
COMBINING DOUBLE VERTICAL STROKE OVERLAY Combining enclosing vertical double line
Mathematical operators U + 2225 (8741) math symbol other neutral sign PARALLEL TO Mathematical sign: "Parallel to"
Frame drawing U + 2551 (9553) different symbol other neutral sign BOX DRAWINGS DOUBLE VERTICAL Frame element double top-bottom