Lateral alveolar click

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IPA mark ǁ
IPA number 180
IPA character description vertical double line
Unicode U + 01C1
HTML (dec.) & # 449;
X-SAMPA |\|\
Kirshenbaum l!

A lateral alveolar click , colloquially known as Reiterschnalzer or Kutscherschnalzer , is a click sound in which the sides of the tongue (therefore lateral ) are brought to the molars ( alveolar ) and then quickly pulled away from them. Like all clicks, it is a consonant .

Phonetic ( phonetic ) and orthographic realization of the lateral alveolar click in different languages:

Phonetic notation :

This Schnalzer is used outside of speech in Europe by coachmen and riders, and serves to draw the horse's attention - as with all clicks, most animals respond to this phoneme.

See also

  • Dental click , similar not on the side of the tooth dam, but articulated in front


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