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An implosive is a glottal ingressive plosive sound. The flow of air is created by moving the larynx up and down.

With an implosive, the vocal folds continue to vibrate during the closure. During the closure, the larynx and the vocal folds are lowered, thus enlarging the cavity between the vocal folds and the oral closure. If this lowering happens very quickly, the pressure in the cavity can even drop below that of the external pressure, which at the same time increases the pressure gradient towards the lungs . If the pressure in the cavity remains below the external pressure, air will flow into the cavity from outside ( implosion ) if the seal is released .

IPA description example
[⁠ ɓ ⁠] voiced bilabial implosive Owerri Igbo [ íɓa ] "dance"
[ ɓ̥ ] (= ƥ ) voiceless bilabial implosive Owerri Igbo [ íɓ̥a ] "capture"
[⁠ ɗ ⁠] voiced alveolar implosive Viet. đỏ [ ɗɔ 313 ] "red"
[ ɗ̥ ] (= ƭ ) voiceless alveolar implosive Owerri Igbo [ íɗ̥a ] "chew"
[⁠ ʄ ⁠] voiced palatal implosive Sindhi [ ʄatu ] "uneducated"
[ ʄ̥ ] (= ƈ ) voiceless palatal implosive  
[⁠ ɠ ⁠] voiced velar implosive Sindhi [ ɠanu ] "handle"
[ ɠ̥ ] (= ƙ ) voiceless velar implosive  
[⁠ ʛ ⁠] voiced uvular implosive  
[ ʛ̥ ] (= ʠ ) voiceless uvular implosive in the language of Mam
Non-pulmonary consonants bilabial labio-
dental alveolar alveolar-lateral alveolo-
retroflex palatal velar uvular
Clicks ʘ ǀ ǃ ǁ ǂ ǃ˞
Implosive ɓ ɗ ʄ ɠ ʛ
Ejectives Ejective plosives t̪ʼ ʈʼ k '
Ejective fricatives ɸʼ θʼ ɬʼ ɕʼ ʃʼ ʂʼ çʼ χʼ
Ejective Affricates t͡θʼ t͡sʼ t͡ɬʼ t͡ɕʼ t͡ʃʼ ʈ͡ʂʼ c͡çʼ k͡xʼ q͡χʼ