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The vocation, vocation or vocatio ( Latin : vocatio from vocare for "to call") designates in educational language the vocation or the call for an office.

In Catholic canon law , it names the vocation of every believing Catholic through baptism (cf. c. 203 CIC ).

In the Protestant church law it generally refers to the Ecclesial Vocation in a ministry, in 1945, the church commission on the issue of religious education in public schools according to Art. 7 III 2 GG , which in broad terms the Catholic canonical mission corresponds. The legal bases are usually laid down in so-called vocation regulations, which are often agreed between different religious communities (common vocation regulations). The basis is a theological and pedagogical training as well as church membership.

In December 2003, the Association of Evangelical Free Churches and the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg (since 2004: Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia) concluded an agreement on the church's commissioning of Protestant religious instruction ( KABl. 2004, pp. 10-11 ).