Walter Benjamin program

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The Walter Benjamin Program of the German Research Foundation is intended to enable scientists in the qualification phase following their doctorate to independently implement their own research project at the location of their choice. In order to enable mobility, the funding usually provides for a change of institution. Applicants can choose the research institution they would like to work at in the future: in Germany or abroad. A combination of a stay abroad and a phase in Germany is also possible.

The main committee of the DFG decided to set up the program in December 2018. The program was set up in July 2019. The Walter Benjamin Program integrates funding functions that were previously partially covered by the DFG research grant, which is part of it. It complements the existing funding instruments for postdoctoral researchers such as the Emmy Noether Program and the Heisenberg Program of the DFG.

The program is named after the philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin (1892–1940).

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