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The consignment was a shipping product from Deutsche Post AG . The Deutsche Bundespost had already introduced this type of transport with a reduced fee through the postal regulations of August 1, 1964. It was discontinued in 2020 and replaced by “Books and Goods Consignment”.


Shipping label of the shipping form goods consignment Maxi, 2011
Internet brand of Deutsche Post AG, 2017
Mail with proof of delivery, 2019

Old consignment

The classic shipment of goods was offered by Deutsche Post for domestic German shipping. Samples, samples or objects could be sent, which by their nature were to be regarded as goods.

Only a table of contents, the invoice, delivery note or a corresponding payment transaction form and printed matter such as offers and catalogs were permitted as enclosures. The latter, as well as admission tickets, reports, vouchers, which are not purchased goods themselves, were not allowed to be the main content of the program. Individual communications in writing were not permitted. Shipments of goods had to be prepaid .

Marking as a consignment above the address was necessary. A tracking number was not offered for a shipment.

Books and goods consignment (BÜWA)

The new “Books and Goods Consignment” (BÜWA) has been available since July 1, 2019. The previously open shipment has been abolished and the locked shipment is expressly permitted: the shipment of books and goods must be clearly marked with the abbreviation "BÜWA" on the envelope above the recipient address.

Since January 1, 2020, only the new "BÜWA" (books and consignments) will be offered.

Art Weight
in grams
length width height Price
in euros
in centimeters
Books and goods shipment 500 up to 500 10-35.3 7-25 until 5 01.90
Books and goods shipment 1000 up to 1000 10-35.3 7-25 until 5 02.20

The fees are exempt  from sales tax according to § 4 number 11b of the sales tax law (privilege of a postal universal service).

The consignment of goods has a standard delivery time of 4 working days (E + 4).

Goods mail and criticism

For bulk mailers there is the product mail. As a rule, shipments are delivered the next day and there is supposedly a shipment tracking.

Minimum amount per year:

From 200 shipments € 2.80 (plus VAT), from 1,000 shipments € 2.60 (plus VAT) and from 15,000 shipments per year, there are tailor-made tariffs.

Critics criticize the tracking and tracing, as there is no receipt of posting and the post office claims delivery but cannot prove it. This type of delivery is also not recognized by PayPal because of this serious defect .


Individual evidence

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