Watussi cattle

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Watussi cattle

The Watussirind or Ankolerind is a breed of domestic cattle in East Africa. It was created by crossing ancient Egyptian longhorn cattle with humpback cattle , also known as zebus . Their traditional breeders are in Rwanda and Burundi living Tutsi .

These cattle were and are in part currency ; their value increases with the size of the horns. Spans of 200 cm and horn circumferences of 50 cm are not uncommon. In the Guinness Book of Records is Lurch , a wading ox with a horn circumference of 95.25 cm (measured on May 6, 2003). The large horns serve the cattle both for defense and for cooling by means of the air-filled, honeycomb-shaped interior.

Watussi cattle are traditionally not slaughtered, but mainly milked and drained. The blood is then drunk mixed with milk.

This breed of cattle , which is more than 5000 years old , had only one selection characteristic, and that was oversized horns. That is why there are Watussi cattle in all possible color variations - monochrome, multi-colored, spotted or spotted - and sizes. They belong to the African humpback cattle.

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