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A Webtemplate (also Web Template or Web Template ) is a design template for creating web pages . Web templates can usually be edited with image processing programs and HTML editors and adapted to your own needs. Such design templates are intended to be able to create your own professional websites without graphic knowledge and a lot of work.


The templates are usually integrated using the HTML markup language. This work can be made easier by so-called WYSIWYG programs, which do not require any knowledge of HTML.

A web template can also be a well-designed, elaborated website that provides the framework design for a content management system from several modules or a page with placeholders for web modules, such as text modules or image sets . The use of web templates in a content management system has the advantage that websites can be designed and maintained inexpensively and without knowledge of graphics. The template can be quickly exchanged and adapted to situations without having to revise the entire website.

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