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Science & Peace (W&F) is an interdisciplinary scientific journal for peace research , peace policy and peace movement . W&F has been published since 1983 and publishes on peace-political, military-strategic and armament-related issues from a scientific, political, social, psychological and ethical perspective. The authors examine the causes and relationships of violence, take a position on the responsibility of science and address ways and possibilities for civil conflict resolution, for safeguarding human rights and for securing the future. The journal Wissenschaft & Frieden is integrated into the Linksnet .

In March 2018, the editors of Science & Peace were awarded the Göttingen Peace Prize.

Main topics

Located between peace research, the peace movement and the interested public, it deals with developments and discussions on the topics of peace, disarmament, security and conflict and aims to make these accessible to both specialist circles and a general readership. It is aimed at academics from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, students (including those studying peace and conflict research), specialists from the churches, from conflict management (e.g. civil peace service), teachers, members of parliament and those active in the Peace movement and civil society organizations.

Each of the quarterly issues of W&F has a main topic that is examined from different angles. The edition is 1,100 copies. The scope is 60 to 72 pages, which are often also accompanied by a dossier. Since January 2013, W&F has also been published as an ePub and PDF in digital form.

Journal & Dossier

Science and Peace deals with issues of peace policy. Each issue has a main topic, selected according to topicality and relevance. In recent years these have included:

  • 3-2016 Political Islam
  • 2/2016 City in conflict - urban violence
  • 1/2016 peace research
  • 4/2015 German responsibility
  • 3/2015 peace negotiations
  • 2/2015 Technology_Conflicts
  • 1/2015 Africa
  • 4/2014 be a soldier
  • 3/2014 The power of the arts
  • 2/2014 Violence (active) development
  • 1/2014 Conflict Dynamics in the »Global North«

In addition to the quarterly specialist journal, the following dossiers (8 to 24 printed pages) on current topics in security and peace policy have been published in recent years:

  • Dossier 82: Failed Peace Process and Civil War in Turkey
  • Dossier 81: Conversion
  • Dossier 80: Enemy Images and Conflict Escalation
  • Dossier 79: Warfare in Cyberspace
  • Dossier 78: civil clause
  • Dossier 77: Right-wing Terror in Germany
  • Dossier 76: A critical look at the »responsibility to protect«
  • Dossier 75: The logic of peace instead of the logic of security
  • Dossier 74: Information Warfare and Information Society


Andreas Seifert (chairman), Anne Bieschke (vice chairman), Jürgen Nieth (finance), Hartwig Hummel, Dietrich Meyer-Ebrecht and Petra Mörbitz sit on the W&F board.

Editors and authors

The editorial team consists of scientists, journalists and students who illuminate topics of peace and conflict research from different scientific perspectives.

Science and Peace has an author base of experts - the majority from Germany. In the 2010s, authors from other European and non-European countries were also increasingly recruited. The magazine appears in German. Foreign language articles are translated; they serve to transfer discussions from abroad to Germany.


The W&F sponsoring group consists of peace policy initiatives, associations and institutes: