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The Scientific Society for Theology (WGTh) is an association whose purpose is to promote theological science .

The WGTh was founded in 1973. The legal form is that of the registered association with its seat in Göttingen and the office in Berlin. The chairman is Konrad Schmid , professor of the Old Testament at the University of Zurich . According to its own account, the society has more than 700 members who are active in theological teaching and research. Section 3 sentence 1 of its articles of association reads: "The company exclusively and directly pursues the non-profit purposes mentioned in Section 2 within the meaning of the section" Tax-privileged purposes "of the tax code (Sections 51 ff. AO) in the currently valid version."

In the invitation letter from 1973 it was stated that the society would be founded “for the German-speaking, especially the Protestant area”, but “in principle the society should also be open to theologians of other denominations and regions”.

The WGTh has formed the following specialist groups:

  • Section for Old Testament Science
  • Section for New Testament Science
  • Section for Church History
  • Section for Systematic Theology
  • Section for Practical Theology
  • Section for Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology

It also forms project groups and acts in particular every three years through the European Congress for Theology.

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  1. This is how it is presented in various places on the website: founding meeting on June 29, 1973. However, 1974 is stated on the home page.
  2. Registered at the Göttingen District Court under VR 1222.
  3. ^ House of Diakonie, Paulsenstrasse 55–56, 12163 Berlin.
  4. ^ Website under History.