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Zhuge is a rare two-syllable Chinese family name.

The Zhuge family ( Chinese  諸葛  /  诸葛 , Pinyin Zhūgě ) was a Chinese clan that had important representatives, especially at the time of the three empires . The most famous are the Shu Premier Zhuge Liang and the Wu Premier Zhuge Jin . They directed the politics of their states in such a way that there was almost uninterrupted peace between them.

Family trees


Family tree of the great ministers

The most famous representatives of the Zhuge family are marked in bold .

Other representatives

This list includes historically recorded members of the Zhuge family who are not directly related to Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Jin.

  • Zhuge Dan ( General of the Wei Dynasty )
    • one daughter ( married Sima Zhou, the son of Sima Yi )
    • Zhuge Qing
      • Zhuge Yi
      • Zhuge Hui
  • Zhuge Xu ( served in the Wei and Jin dynasties )
    • Zhuge Guang ( served the Jin Dynasty )
    • Zhuge Chong ( served in the Jin Dynasty )
      • Zhuge Quan ( served the Jin Dynasty )
      • Zhuge Wan ( concubine of Sima Yan )
      • Zhuge Gui ( served the Jin Dynasty )
  • Zhuge Qian ( General of the Wei Dynasty )
  • Zhuge Yuan ( Wei Governor of Xinxing )
  • Zhuge Zhang ( served the Wei Dynasty )
  • Zhuge Bo ( served the Wu Dynasty )
  • Zhuge Zhi ( served the Wu Dynasty )