Future market

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A future market refers to a economic sector , an innovation or a market with expected as worthwhile economic potential and a stable probably in the long term existence. In contrast to a niche in the market , which is mostly product-related and oriented towards short or medium-term needs, the future market is geared towards long-term economic sustainability. This includes the possibility that a former market niche will develop into a future market (e.g. market niche: virus protection in the early days of IT technology - future market: IT security in the 1990s ).

In addition, regional economic zones are also referred to as future markets or markets of the future (e.g. "future market Asia").


The following are characteristic of future markets:

  • a strong forecasted demand for products
  • weak competition for active suppliers, dealers or producers, so that there is great potential for entrepreneurs
  • (still) missing infrastructure
  • a strong development potential (also economic secondary branches benefit from such a market development)


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