Trunz Prussica Collection

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The Trunz Prussica Collection is a collection of books and materials. It deals with the historical German eastern regions and extends in terms of content primarily to general history, local and personal or family history, but also to art, folklore, language development, description of nature and agriculture. The collection was built up by Dr. August Trunz (1875–1963) from Allenstein , then East Prussia , was taken over by his younger son Dr. Hansheinrich Trunz (1908–1994) expanded.

The collection includes Prussian chronicles by Kaspar Schuetz (1592), Caspar Henneberg (1595) and Christoph Hartknoch ( Thorn 1684), a six-volume volume by Lucas David and the Livonia chronicle by Balthasar Rüssow (1578).

In 1978 this collection was acquired by the University and State Library of Münster .


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