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University and
State Library of Münster
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founding 1588
Duration 6.0 million
Library type University and State Library
place Muenster
management Beate Tröger (librarian)
Entrance area of ​​the ULB Münster
Reading room on the 1st floor

The University Library Munster ( ULB Münster ) counts as University Library of the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Munster and regional library of the country part of Westphalia to the major libraries in North Rhine-Westphalia .


The ULB Münster goes back to the Jesuit College Münster and the year 1588 as the former Bibliotheca Paulina . The university was only founded 200 years later and existed until 1818. It was re-established in 1902, and four years later the library moved into a new building at Bispinghof . During the Second World War , the building was destroyed and 60% of the book inventory was destroyed. In 1951 the building was rebuilt at the old location, where it remained until 1973. This year a new building was erected at Krummen Timpen, which is only a short distance away. This building was largely modernized and expanded from 2007.

Christoph Weber (1946–1951) is one of its former directors .


The library's holdings include around six million volumes of scientific literature, 2.5 million of which are in the ULB and 3.5 million in the university's 146 institute and departmental libraries. There are also around 20,000 and 8,000 current magazines.

As a state library, the ULB has the right to deposit copies for the state, from 1824 for the former Prussian province of Westphalia , since 1966 for the administrative districts of Arnsberg , Detmold and Münster .

The Trunz Prussica Collection has also been in the possession of the library since 1978, and is part of the special collection on the former German eastern territories, which comprises over 40,000 volumes.

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Historical holdings

The historical holdings of manuscripts , old maps and incunabula comprise half a million objects. The collection of incunabula and old prints covers the period from the end of the 15th century to the early 19th century. The oldest printed book "Breviarium secundum ordinem praedicatorum" dates from 1476. The inventory includes important donations such as that of the Jewish doctor and scholar Alexander Haindorf with 2,700 works, including primarily medical works with rich illustrations such as De humani corporis fabrica by Andreas Vesalius . Another special feature is the World War II collection created from the War and Art 1914–1918 collection of the librarian and art collector Hanns Heeren. In addition to books and newspapers (war newspapers, camps), it also contains posters, leaflets, cards, calendars, letters and postcards and artistic debates with the war.

Musical collection

The manuscript department also has an important and valuable musical collection . These include the Fürst zu Bentheim Music Collection in Burgsteinfurt on loan since 1964 . In 1966 the Fürstlich zu Bentheim-Tecklenburgische Musikbibliothek Rheda was added to the collection as a further loan, and in 1991 the Nordkirchen music collection was acquired on the antiquarian market for the University and State Library of Münster.


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