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Model of a two-decker
On the left a French two-decker built in the Netherlands

Two- decker is the name for the type of historical sailing warship that was equipped with two battery decks. Two-decker is the short form of two-deck ship .

A characteristic of these ships was the arrangement and distribution of the muzzle-loading guns that were common at the time on two decks. This type of ship was in use from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

The two-deckers are mostly 3rd and 4th rank ships of the line .

  • 3rd rank ships of the line usually had 60 to 80 guns on board, whereby the stern fort and the bow fort could have additional guns in addition to the actual cannon decks .
  • Tier 4 ships of the line usually had 50 guns on board: the stern and bow fort were rarely equipped with additional gun ports for cannons.
  • In addition, there were also five-tier two-deckers with 44 cannons, which could be addressed as frigates .

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