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Arar , from the Latin aerarium , is an old, now uncommon term for the material and immaterial assets of a state or corporation. In addition to buildings, land and gold reserves, this also includes state monopolies . A term that is more common today is Treasury . Araric means state, in the past sometimes also nationally .



In Austria-Hungary the term Hofärar was used for state property that was used and administered by the imperial family. These included B. the imperial summer residence in Vienna, the Schönbrunn Palace . The Habsburgs always kept courtiers, family property and private property of individual family members strictly separate.

The in Austria today (without the Burgenland Hofärar located) was, as there was no court with government functions more, of 12 November 1918, the new state German Austria adopted and the government managed. With the Habsburg Law of April 3, 1919, the new state, from October 1919 the Republic of Austria , also took over the entails of the former ruling family Habsburg-Lothringen (family fund of the highest ore house), e.g. B. Eckartsau Castle . Personal private property of family members such as B. the imperial villa in Bad Ischl remained in their property.

Military era

In the Austro-Hungarian military , all pieces of equipment supplied by the state, as well as barracks and properties belonging to the state, were referred to as Aryan .

Montan-Aar and Salinen-Aar

The kk Montanärar was the state mining administration. This was largely privatized during the time of the monarchy. The kk Salinenärar was the administration of the Saline Hall in Tirol and in the Salzkammergut . It became the Österreichische Salinenverwaltung, Österreichische Salinen AG , today Salinen Austria .

Forest aar

The Forestry Commission was the kk Forstaerar from which the Austrian Federal Forests emerged.


In addition to the church building, the church fee includes the assets of a church, a monastery or a monastery intended to cover the costs of the worship service and the maintenance of the church building or the monastery or monastery building.

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