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Legislative Observatory
Url www.europarl.europa.eu/oeil/
providers European Parliament
languages English , French
Content Legislative documents

The Legislative Observatory (English literally for "Die Legislativ - Sternwarte ", Oeil or Œil for short , French for "eye") of the European Parliament is a database of the institutional and legislative observatory.


It analyzes and tracks the inter-institutional decision-making process of the European Union , the position of Parliament in the drafting of European legislation and the activities of the institutions involved in the legislative process.

It contains detailed information sheets and summaries of the important phases of a procedure or the processes in the course of a procedure.

The database includes:

  • All ongoing proceedings and related documents regardless of when the proceedings started
  • All completed procedures, related documents and resolutions on topical issues from July 1994
  • Documents sent to Parliament by the Commission for information for a period of one year

The OEIL database is updated daily by the Directorate General Presidency (DG1) and the Directorate General Committees and Delegations (DG2). It contains an English and French summary of all the important processes in the course of a procedure.

Search options

You can search for bibliographical information on the procedures and documents of all bodies involved in the interinstitutional legislative process as well as on the work of Parliament (committees and plenary):

  • Words in the title or subject area
  • Reference of the legal act
  • Rapporteur, committee, political group
  • Type of procedure, legal basis
  • Status of the proceedings
  • previous course or planned further treatment
  • Form for entering several criteria
  • Period and content covered

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