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10BASE5 transceiver

10BASE5 , also known as Thick Ethernet , Yellow Cable , Thicknet or Thickwire , is one of the first Ethernet networks.

A 10 mm thick coaxial cable (RG-8) with a wave impedance of 50 ohms is used for 10BASE5 . To connect devices, a hole must be drilled in the cable using a drilling template, through which a contact of a special clamp (vampire clamp) of the transceiver is inserted and clamped. Some manufacturers (e.g. 3Com ) also used N connectors to connect the transceivers ( Media Access Unit MAU) . To do this, the cable had to be cut at one of the markings (every 2.5 m) and the connector crimped or soldered . The network card of the computer is connected to the transceiver by means of the attachment unit interface via a connection cable.

The 10BASE5 standard offers 10 Mbit / s data rate for transmission in the base band and a range of 500 m with a maximum of 100 participants. The line has no branches and there are 50 ohm terminators at the ends . Due to its earlier widespread use, 10BASE5 can still be found in operation in some installations.


The most important cable properties of 10BASE5 are:

  • maximum transfer rate of 10 Mbit / s
  • 10BASE5 only works in half duplex mode
  • maximum segment length without repeater is 500 m
  • a maximum of three 10BASE5 segments, each with a max. 100 stations (plus a maximum of two link segments, see 5-4-3 rule )
  • Wave impedance 50 ohms
  • high interference immunity
  • low attenuation


Important features are:

  • each station is connected to the bus line via a transceiver
  • the minimum distance between the transceivers is 2.5 m. This is necessary so that the signal reflections at the transceiver connection cannot add up in phases, which would result in disruptions to the network traffic


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