91 days

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Anime television series
title 91 days
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
year 2016
Studio Shuka
length 25 minutes
Episodes 12
Director Hiro Kaburagi
music Shōgo Qaeda
First broadcast July 9 - October 1, 2016 on TBS

91 Days is an anime television series by the Shuka studio from 2016. The work falls into the genres of action and mafia films .


During the prohibition era in the USA, the illegal alcohol business flourished, and with it the mafia. Angelo Lagusa grows up sheltered in a mafia family, but one day his parents and brother are murdered by another mafia family. Angelo escapes and hides with the help of his friend Corteo. Years later, Angelo has grown up, a letter arouses the desire for revenge in him and he resolves to kill all four of his parents' murderers. He returns to the city and finds accommodation with Corteo. He makes schnapps himself and offers Angelo, now under the name Avilio Bruno, entry into the alcohol business. In this way, Avilio gains the trust of the Vanetti family, which is put under pressure by the rival Orco family. Avilio is charged with the murder of fango, one of the Orco's most dangerous. But he takes advantage of this to kill Vanno Clemente and put this on the Orco. The death of Nero Vanetti's best friend - son of Don the Vanetti and his heir - feeds the family's hatred of the Orco and they plan to retaliate.

The conflict between the two families escalates and Nero drives to the country to get to safety. Avilio accompanies him and together they survive the attacks of an assassin. During the trip, Nero tells him that his first assignment was the attack on the Lagusa family. But back then he couldn't bring himself to kill anyone. Avilio also learns that there were four of the perpetrators, but not who was the fourth. When they return to town, fango has also become unpopular with his own family, the orco. Now they want to get rid of them together with the Vanetti Fango. But Nero can no longer be sure of the support of the whole family, who could sacrifice his life to make peace with the Orco. At the same time, he has Corteo distill a schnapps that sells successfully in the city and thus turns the Orco against him. The conflict escalates, so that Nero, Avilio, Corteo and some subordinates have to flee to Fango. You team up with him against the Orco family and Nero's opponent among the Lagusa. Together they can kill Don Orco and Fango takes over the family. Soon afterwards, Nero can assert himself with the Vanetti and also kills his two brothers. He is the last known perpetrator of the murders of his family Avilio.

The Fango and Vanetti families are now working together and Avilio has risen to Nero's right hand. Corteo reproaches him for dragging him into the mafia and Avilio not wanting to avenge his family and not become part of the mafia. Fango takes advantage of Corteo's insecurity and uses him to spy on Nero and thus kill him on occasion. The Vanetti are already suspicious when the police get the Corteos schnapps recipe from fango. When he makes it clear to him that he no longer needs Corteo, he kills him in an affect. But shortly afterwards, Corteo himself is caught by the Vanetti, who accuse him of treason and torture him. Suddenly, Corteo disappears and Avilio is blackmailed into saying that if he doesn't kill Nero, he will die. He learns that the blackmailer is Ganzo, old Don Vanetti's right-hand man. He wants power in the family himself and that's why he sent Avilio the letter that first lured him into town. Avilio arranges with him that Corteo can escape and that he and Ganzo take action against Nero.

Corteo's escape succeeds at first, but Avilio is suspected of having helped him disappear. When he is pressured, Corteo shows up again to help him - after all, Avilio has to kill his friend to prove his loyalty. This increases his hatred of the Vanetti even more. Not long afterwards, a delegation from the Galassia family from Chicago arrives at the opening of the theater financed by the Vanetti, with whom the peace is to be sealed and business dealings are to be made on this occasion. Ganzo and Avilio plan to kill Nero on this occasion. However, things don't go according to plan and Avilio takes the opportunity to kill Don Galassia. This triggers a gang war in the city that results in the Vanetti being annihilated. Avilio survives, as does Nero, who picks up and kidnaps him. On the trip from the city to the beach, they talk about the two destroying each other's family. When he arrives at his destination, Avilio is shot by Nero.

Production and publication

The series was produced in 2016 under the direction of Hiro Kaburagi at Studio Shuka . The main writer was Taku Kishimoto , who also wrote the scripts with Hiro Kaburagi and Yuichiro Kido . The character design was created by Tomohiro Kishi and the artistic director was Hiromasa Ogura . The responsible producers were Toshihiro Maeda and Toshio Iizuka .

The 12 episodes of the series were broadcast for the first time in Japan by TBS from July 9 to October 1, 2016 after midnight (and thus on the previous television day ) . In addition, the series of MBS , CBC and BS-TBS was shown. The platform Crunchyroll published the anime in parallel via streaming with subtitles in various languages, including German and English.


role Japanese speaker ( seiyū )
Avilio Bruno / Angelo Laguza Takashi Kondo
Nero Vanetti Takuya Eguchi
Corteo Sōma Saitō


The music in the series comes from Shōgo Kaida . The opening credits were underlaid with Signal from TK and the final song is Rain or Shine by Elisa.

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