Abdul Jalil

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Syed Abdul Jalil Waiz (born September 17, 1992 ) is a badminton player from Afghanistan .

Athletic career

Abdul Jalil's first success was winning the national championship in Afghanistan in 2006. In the same year he took part in the 10th South Asian Games in singles , but was eliminated in the first round against Wajid Ali Chaudhry from Pakistan. In 2005 he qualified for the Asian Championships, but gave his game to Lee Cheol-ho from South Korea without a fight. Also in 2009 his game at the US Open will be listed as surrendered without a fight.

As a junior, he started at the Asian Junior Championships in 2005 and 2007. In 2005 he also took part in the West Asian Championships. In 2007 he started at Iran Fajr International and Pakistan International . In 2009 he competed again in Iran.

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