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Abstract, wave board and opened wind chest of a mechanical action mechanism (1982)

With a mechanical action mechanism of an organ, abstracts transmit the keystroke to the valves of the instrument.


The abstract is moved by pressing a button and thus brings the power of the finger, usually additionally transmitted by angle levers or via the waves of the wave board, from the button in the console to the valve in the wind chest. This valve opens, which the player can control and feel, and the tone sounds.


An abstract should be as light as possible (low weight ) and tensile strength. Therefore, the thin component is usually made of wood, while small instruments are made of metal. For some time, abstracts made of carbon have been used for longer action paths .


Particularly with very tall organs, window organs (an organ that optically surrounds a window) and mechanically playable distant organs, very long abstracts must be used that can reach lengths of 10 m and more. The double organ (main organ and swallow's nest organ ) in St. Kilian in Bedheim with over 20 m long abstracts is unique .

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