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The Abu Nidal Organization (ANO, also known under the name Fatah Revolutionary Council ) is a split from the PLO founded by Abu Nidal in 1974 , which campaigns for an independent Palestine. It was supported first by Saddam Hussein , then by Hafiz al-Assad , then by Muammar al-Gaddafi and by Iran.

She is charged with numerous attacks. Among other things, the group is held responsible for the bomb attack on Frankfurt am Main airport on June 19, 1985, and the attacks on Rome and Vienna airports on December 27 of the same year, in which a total of 21 people were killed. The attack on a Greek ferry near Athens in the summer of 1988, in which nine people died and several were injured, as well as an attack on synagogues in Paris and Vienna ( city ​​temple ) is attributed to her. She is also responsible for the murder of the Viennese politician Heinz Nittel . The EU and the US have the organization on their list of terrorist organizations . The group also committed contract killings and killed Fatah politicians who advocated negotiations with Israel. B. 1983 Arafat confidante Issam Sartawi . Unlike other Palestinian organizations, however, it was never a target for Israeli retaliation. This and its obvious work against the interests of the PLO led to speculation that the group was at least partially infiltrated by Israeli intelligence services.

In 2000, the wife of Abu Nidal finance officer Samir N., the Egyptian nicknamed "The Gentle", tried to withdraw money from his bank account. She was charged with terrorism but managed to escape to Libya . The eight million US dollars that have been in that Viennese bank account for years have since been the subject of several lawsuits that almost led to the money being transferred to former members. In 2009, however, a corresponding judgment was overturned by the Vienna Higher Regional Court. A new process is to clarify what should be done with the money.

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