Nobility crown

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Noble crown with five pearls
Aristocratic crown with leaves and pearls, so-called "crown of leaves"

The aristocratic crown is a nine-pointed crown for the count , a seven-pointed crown for the baron and a five-pointed crown for the untitled nobility . Since the modern era noble crowns are only Helmzierde of Heraldry . The nobility crown is the lowest tier of the rank crowns .

The aristocratic crown of the untitled primeval nobility consists of a gold ring set with pearls and precious stones, which is provided with eight prongs at the top, five of which are visible. The middle and outer ones are leaf-like, while the others have pearls ("crown of leaves"). In the so-called letter needle , the leaves were replaced by pearls.

The nobility crown was an indispensable element in the coat of arms of the Polish nobility .

For the higher-tier crowns (ducal and princely crowns ) see crown of rank .