Aero VT 100

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Aero VT 100
Type: Glider
Design country:

CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Czechoslovakia



First flight:

November 1955

Number of pieces:


The Aero VT 100 Demant (now also Moravan VT 100) is a single-seat high-performance glider of the open class of the Czechoslovak company Aero .


The design by Ladislav Smrcek, first referred to as the VSM-40, had its maiden flight in November 1955. The wooden aircraft has a retractable landing gear and wings that are equipped with water tanks, Fowler flaps and Schempp-Hirth airbrakes . With this aircraft, the pilot Vladislav Zejda set a world record in the target flight category on May 30, 1957 with a return of 518 km. Two restored aircraft of this type are still flown today.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
length 7.35 m
span 17.0 m
height 2.2 m
Wing extension 20th
Preparation mass 280 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 440 kg
Top speed 250 km / h
Minimum speed 64 km / h
Glide ratio 33 at 88 km / h
Slightest sinking 0.69 m / s at 78 km / h

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