Agenzia del Demanio

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Central office in Rome

The Agenzia del Demanio (German for "real estate agency") is an institution under public law in Italy . It is overseen by the Department of Finance ( Dipartimento delle Finanze ) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Rome . The main task of the agency is the management and exploitation of state-owned properties and real estate according to private-sector criteria.


Several central departments report to the agency's board. a. are responsible for internal audits , personnel and legal issues, organizational matters, etc. The head office in Rome has 16 regional branches , with smaller regions being managed by larger ones in some cases. Some regional offices have branch offices.


The agency was created in 2001 as part of a general reform of the Italian ministerial bureaucracy. After the Ministry of Finance was merged with the Ministry of Budget and Treasury to form the new Ministry of Economy and Finance, it became necessary to create various administratively independent authorities within the scope of the new Ministry. In 2003 the agency Agenzia del Demanio became an institution of the same name under public law. Until 2010 she was also responsible for the administration and exploitation of real estate belonging to criminal organizations ( Mafia ) that are confiscated or confiscated by the state. This task has been taken over by the new agency ANBSC since 2010 , which is however supervised by the Ministry of the Interior .

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