Agonistics (philosophy)

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Agonistics is a term coined by Jean-François Lyotard in 1979 in his study La condition postmoderne from the context of postmodernism , which refers to the antagonism of the various language games and language players, referring to the ancient agon : speaking is fighting in the sense of playing ( linguistic agonistics ).

Lyotard's agonistic approach, starting with Wittgenstein , contrasts the "telos of understanding" and consensus ( Habermas et al.) With the principle of paralogy , that is, justice that is not tied to permanent consensus.

See also: Postmodernism , language game

Opposing positions: Jürgen Habermas , Critical Theory


  • Jean-François Lyotard : La Condition postmoderne: Rapport sur le savoir (English: The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge ; German: Das postmoderne Wissen ), Graz, Vienna: 1979

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