Ahanta (language)

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Ghana ,
speaker 142,000 (2004 SIL)
Official status
Official language in a national language
Language codes
ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2


ISO 639-3


Ahanta is the language of the ethnic group of the same name in southwest Ghana .

The classification of this language is controversial. In deviation from the scheme in the adjacent info box, Ahanta is often also counted among the Akan languages . Within these languages ​​there is a strong division between the Westakan languages, to which the Ahanta belongs according to some sources, and the eastern or northern languages.

Ahanta is one of the "dying languages" of Ghana. In the primary schools of the area Fante as a written language taught. There is considerable acculturation pressure on the part of the neighboring (and linguistically related) Nzema to the west and in particular the neighboring Fante to the east . Most of the speakers are bilingual, so they speak one of these two neighboring languages ​​just as well.

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