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Fante (also Fanti , Fannti , Odschi and Fante-Twi , mostly pronounced as Mfantse in self-designation ) is the language of the Fante and is mainly spoken in the " Central Region " of Ghana .

Fante belongs to the group of Akan languages . As the language of commerce in Ghana, it enjoys a high level of social prestige, many members of neighboring minor languages ​​such as B. Ahanta speak Fante as a second language. In a gradual process, many speakers of these less important and prestigious minor languages ​​switch to Fante as their main language.

All Akan languages ​​are written in the Latin script, with the addition of phonetic letters contained in the African alphabet . The languages ​​were already written down in colonial times.

The language knows counting processes, but no mathematical relationships. The traditional names are derived from it (e.g. Kofi = born on a Friday), for some terms there are loan words , for example from the English computer and but .

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Kofi Annan

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