Airspeed AS 45

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Airspeed AS 45
Type: Trainer aircraft
Design country:

United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom



First flight:

February 19, 1941

Number of pieces:

2 prototypes

The Airspeed AS 45 Cambridge was a trainer aircraft for advanced training. The low- wing aircraft was designed based on the specifications of specification T.34 / 39. The machine had a retractable tail wheel chassis and was mostly made of wood. The control surfaces had a fabric covering. The flight instructor and student pilot sat behind one another in the cockpit. The radial engine drove a three-bladed adjustable propeller. On February 19, 1941, the first prototype took off in Portsmouth for its maiden flight . The prototypes were handed over to the Royal Air Force in July 1942 .

The machine was intended to replace the previous Miles Master trainer aircraft, but could not meet expectations in any way. The machine turned out to be underpowered and exhibited problematic properties in slow flight which made it impossible to use it as a training aircraft. Only two prototypes (RAF registration: T2449 and T2453) were built.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 2
length 11.00 m
span 12.81 m
height 3.5 m
Wing area 27 m²
drive a Bristol Mercury VIII with 544 kW (730 PS)
Top speed 380 km / h
Service ceiling 7650 m
Range 1100 km