Academy of Finland

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Suomen Akatemia
Finlands Akademi
Academy of Finland
founding 1947
Sponsorship state,
place Helsinki , Finland
president Heikki Mannila
Annual budget 341 million (2011)

The Academy of Finland , also Finnish Academy (officially: Finnish Suomen Akatemia , Swedish Finlands Akademi , English Academy of Finland ) is a Finnish science promotion organization founded in 1947 and a gifted scholarship organization based in Helsinki .

The Academy of Finland is a state-initiated body for science and research in Finland and is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Culture (Suomen opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö). The legal basis is a law from 1947, it began its work in 1948 and existed until 1969, today known as the "Old Academy". In 1970 it was brought back to life under the same name.

The academy not only brings together top Finnish scientists, top scientific research is supported by long-term performance-oriented funding within the framework of the Finnish Excellence Initiative .

She also strives to establish international contacts and has been running a bilateral research funding program with the DAAD since 1993 , the project-related exchange of people with Finland - PPP Finland .

Heikki Mannila has been president since 2012 .

The total budget in 2011 was: € 341 million.

The academy is not to be confused with the Finnish Academy of Sciences (Suomalainen tiedeakatemia).


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History of the Finnish Academy in three volumes

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