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With aliquot (v. Lat. Aliquot "some, a few") or aliquot is known in analytical chemistry to be examined partial portion of a sample when the entire sample, usually a liquid, can not be fully tested or should . The division allows the sample to be used multiple times without impairing the quality (e.g. through repeated thawing / freezing).

According to the IUPAC definition , the term aliquot is used when the quotient of the total sample and the sample amount is an integer (e.g. 10 ml of a 100 ml sample). The term aliquant is used for quotients that are not integer (e.g. for 15 ml of a 100 ml sample). In jargon-like (biochemical or medical) parlance, aliquot simply refers to any (any number, any size) partial portions of a solution.

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