Old Cameroon

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Cameroon's borders in 1911 and 1914:
!!!! Eastern and southern borders of Old Cameroon
!! Border between old and new Cameroon

Old Cameroon was part of the German colony of Cameroon . This meant the expansion that Cameroon had until the enlargement under the Morocco-Congo Treaty in 1911. The area of ​​Altkamerun covered almost 500,000 km². The part that was added was called New Cameroon accordingly . As a result, the colony in the east and south expanded considerably. In return, a German head start in the northeast of Old Cameroon - the so-called duck's bill - was ceded to France. With the reintegration of New Cameroon into the French colonial area after the end of the First World War , the retronym Old Cameroon also became obsolete.

Today the areas of Old Cameroon belong to the states of Cameroon , Nigeria and Chad .

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