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Ameipsias ( Greek  Ἀμειψίας ) was an ancient Greek poet of the ancient comedy . He was in the second half of the 5th century BC. Active. 39 fragments of his pieces have survived. We are informed about his life and work primarily through allusions to his contemporary Aristophanes , who judges him very unfavorably.

At Dionysia 423 BC Ameipsias received the second prize with his piece Konnos (Κόννος) behind the bottle of Kratinos ; Aristophanes' clouds took third place. The play treated the contemporary sophists like clouds . The title character, Konnos, was a music theorist and is introduced as the teacher of Socrates , who was received by the choir consisting of “thinkers” (φροντισταί) partly with derision and partly with benevolence.

His piece Die Komasten (Κωμασταί, participant in a parade called Komos ) won the Dionysia of 414 BC. About the birds of Aristophanes and the Monotropos of Phrynichos . Only the titles of five other pieces are known ( Ἀποκοτταβίζοντες , "The Kottabosplayers"; Κατεσθίων, "The Devouring"; Μοιχοί, "The Adulterers"; Σαπφώ, " Sappho "; Σφεν Dieδόνη, "Σφεν Dieδόνη,"). Some of these titles also appear in pieces from medium comedy.

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