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AmigaDE , initially also marketed as Amiga Everywhere and from March 2002 as Amiga Anywhere , is an operating system-independent software environment developed by Amiga, Inc. This company, named after the legal successor of Amiga International or Commodore Amiga, has been developing this since 2000 Environment based on the real-time operating system Elate from the British company Tao with a similar objective as Java from the company SUN , but it should be faster. As a result, some simple games are available today, which can mainly be used on PDAs with Windows CE .

Apart from the name, AmigaDE has nothing to do with Amiga computers, there is not even a port that makes these programs executable on Amigas.

A developer version was available in the form of a CD and a manual, which was based on the Linux distribution RedHat and impressively demonstrated the concepts of the Taos developed by the Tao Group (which in later versions was renamed Elate and then Intent). This was published by Amiga, Inc. or its German representative, the AMIGA Office Germany, in Langen, as 'Amiga SDK 2000'.

Taos and ultimately also the Amiga variant targeted by Bill McEwen and Amiga, Inc. under the name AMIVERSE supports the following processors: ARM 6/7, StrongARM, Thumb, X86, ColdFire, Motorola M-core, Motorola PowerPC, Hitachi SH 3/4, Mips R3000 / R4000 / R5000, NEC V850 on which the native code of the virtual processor (VP) can be mapped.

The Tao Group was also involved in the fundraising of Amiga, Inc.'s acquisition of Amiga's rights from Gateway2000.

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