Annales Vedastini

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Annales Vedastini ( Annals of St. Vaast ) is the modern name for an early medieval historical work in Latin.

The work was created at the end of the 9th century / beginning of the 10th century in the Abbey of Saint-Vaast near Arras . It follows on from the Annals of St. Bertin , but in contrast to the Annals of St. Vaast a rather neutral stance towards the Carolingians is adopted. The author or authors are unknown. The period from 874 to 900 is described in great detail in an annalistic form . The annals of St. Vaast represent an important and largely reliable source of events in western France , especially for the region of today's northern France. In the work, Francia is used exclusively to refer to West Franconia, which reflects the more West Franconian perspective.

Editions and translations

  • Reinhold Rau (ed.): Sources on the Carolingian history of the empire. Part two . Selected sources on the German history of the Middle Ages, Vol. 6. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 1958, pp. 289ff. (Latin text and German translation)

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