Stop (construction)

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When installing doors ( hinged door ) and windows in a building or container, one speaks of stops. Which type of stop is chosen depends on the design of the reveal or the position of the sash in relation to the opening.


  • External stop: the window or door is installed from the outside (rare; in East Frisia the rule for old houses so that the wind pushes the window sash into the frame instead of increasing the space).
  • Inside hinge: the window or the door is installed from the inside (hinged).
  • Butt stop (without stop): the wall opening is smooth throughout. Advantage: the window or door can be inserted into the wall opening at any depth.

In many refrigerators , the door can be hinged (fastened) on the left or right for easy access. If the door is left beaten , then that is hinged on the left and the right grip.

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