Apicius (1st century BC)

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Apicius was a Roman foodie. The extravagant luxury of his feasts and feasts became in the 90s of the 1st century BC. Surpassed by anyone in Rome. According to Poseidonios , Apicius had Publius Rutilius Rufus , a historian known for the simplicity of his tablet, exiled .

Apicius was evidently not a gentile name , but an epithet shared by two other Roman gourmets, namely Marcus Gavius ​​Apicius and another Apicius of the 2nd century. It is not entirely clear whether this name was given the meaning "gourmet" through him or whether it had a corresponding meaning before. “Bald head” is conceivable as the meaning of the nickname (from apica “sheep that has no wool on its belly” and apiciosus “bald head”).



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