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The application service provider (abbreviation ASP ) or application service provider is a service provider who offers an application (e.g. an ERP system) for information exchange over a public network (e.g. Internet) or over a private data network. The ASP takes care of the entire administration, such as data backup , installing patches , etc. Unlike application hosting , part of the ASP service is also a service (e.g. user support) around the application. The required software is not bought, but rented for use via the data network if necessary. With the help of ASP services, companies can outsource entire administrative areas or process steps and thus concentrate on their core business.

Law / contract

The service is usually offered as part of a rental agreement . A legal assessment as a work contract is ruled out because the provider (the ASP) only owes an action to provide, but not the success of the provision. Since there is also no applicable warranty law, such a legal assessment would inappropriately disadvantage the interests of the user. A service contract cannot be accepted either; the ASP merely provides the software; a successful application, which could only be part of a work contract, is the responsibility of the user. On the other hand, it is also conceivable to design it as a lease , in particular as a legal lease .

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